What our families are saying

“Andrea is kind, warm and extremely knowledgeable. The care she gives to her patients is unlike anything I have experienced in any medical setting. She made me feel at ease and completely informed about my health and the health of my children. My pregnancies and births were treated as an important, but completely normal, life process. I was never pressured, never unaware and always at the center of the decision-making process. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to take on an active role in the birth process.” – Katie Laramore

“I will be forever grateful to Andrea for the loving and respectful care I received from her. Throughout my pregnancy I always felt safe, believed in, and that all of my thoughts and wishes were carefully considered. When the time came, Andrea’s presence was EXACTLY what I needed at my birth – she was so incredibly gentle, kind, supportive and reassuring. It was great to see her when she arrived at my home and she continued to encourage me throughout the night until I gave birth to my daughter. I will never forget the warm and respectful atmosphere she helped to create during that time! As a former client and now a doula myself, I would definitely recommend Andrea to any family seeking a safe, supported and beautiful pregnancy and childbirth experience.” – Chrissy Valluzzi

“After spending quality time with Andrea during my prenatal visits, I knew I wanted her to be my midwife at the homebirth of my daughter Cora. Andrea is the kindest women I’ve ever met and she made the perfect addition to our birthing team. She was diligent through my long labor but never lost her comforting tone and attention to detail. She let me labor how I felt comfortable but continuously guarded the safety of myself and my daughter. I couldn’t imagine having another baby without Andrea as my midwife.” – Amanda Richmond

“Finding the right practitioner to see when having our first baby was a hard choice and a long road for us. After seeing an ob/gyn at one hospital and a nurse midwife at a second hospital we went for a meet and greet at the birth center. It was our initial meeting with Andrea that helped us make up our minds. It was clear within a few minutes that Andrea would be our midwife. She made us feel at ease and it was clear that she wanted what was best for the family.

Andrea took time to get to know us. Her appointments were relaxed and we always got as much time as we needed to ask questions. By the time the baby came Andrea knew our preferences and how best to support us on the big day.

On the morning of the birth Andrea arrived at our house and helped me work through a whole day worth of labor. She had a lot of techniques to move the birth along. She made my husband and I both feel comfortable and confident that I could birth my baby at home even though it was my first baby. She has an amazingly calming energy. As we found, birthing sometimes does not go exactly the way we planned. Andrea was prepared to handle any situation professionally and quickly. After the birth Andrea was there to support us with her at home visit and over the phone. We owe our success to Andrea. We really could not ask for more!

Andrea helped us have an amazing and unforgettable birth. We highly recommend Andrea and would be more than happy to talk to any expecting moms and dads about our birth story.” – Lauren and Larry Olson

Just wanted to shout out big thanks to my awesome midwives Andrea, who took care of us all through the pregnancy and is still a great support, and Felicia, who was my midwife, anchor, and support during Oscar’s birth. She gently guided me through the painful contractions, kept me focused, and helped baby out of some serious tangle. – Denitza Deltcheva

“Andrea was one of the first midwives I interviewed and from that moment I knew I wanted to continue my prenatal care with her and her team. Every question I had for her she answered it with confidence and patience. She made me feel like she genuinely cared for me as a friend before a client. Andrea was the midwife who delivered my baby and I couldn’t be more grateful. During labor she gave us our space; but also watching and monitoring when needed. After delivery she helped us with infant care and nursing and before you know it, we were on our way. Andrea has changed my life in more ways than one. Thank you for believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself. You’re an amazing midwife! Truly an inspiration!” – Somaria C

“I had the pleasure of working with Caroline throughout my pregnancy and postpartum period. This was an emotionally challenging pregnancy for me in many ways, and Caroline was always warm, kind, compassionate, and I felt that she truly cared about my well being and that of my baby. She was thoughtful in her discussions and I felt that she really listened to my concerns. She was always careful to obtain consent and explain any procedure, even one as innocuous as a fetal heart rate check. I especially appreciated the way she spoke to my baby as a person when she was still in utero, and felt that she genuinely cared about both me and my baby. Not only is she thoughtful and kind, but she radiates positivity and good humor. It was an honor to have been a part of her education and I know that she will be an asset to any practice and any person fortunate enough to work with her in the future.” – Jessica S.

“When I became pregnant with my third baby, I knew I wanted the support of homebirth midwives during pregnancy and birth. I was blessed to receive incredible care from a birth team that included Caroline and two other midwives. I got to know Caroline well over the course of my prenatal care. She was always welcoming and kind, checking in with me during each visit about how I felt physically and emotionally. The wonderful thing about working with out-of-hospital midwives is their attentiveness to holistic care, not just a focus on the health of the baby but a look at how the mother is doing in all aspects as well. I struggled with insomnia and anxiety during my pregnancy and Caroline always made sure to check in with me about these issues during my visits (which lasted at least an hour each time!) and made sure I had information and access to resources in the community to help address these issues. I never felt rushed during my appointments. She was so easy to talk to and I felt an immediate connection with her from the start. Trusting your care provider during pregnancy is huge and I knew I was in good hands with my care team! When I went into labor, Caroline and the other midwives joined me in my home as soon as I was ready for them. She was calm and joyful, exactly what I needed during the hard parts of labor. Caroline brings incredible expertise and knowledge to the birth setting and I trusted that I was surrounded by good non-judgmental support. She gave me space when I needed it but was also just around the corner when I needed guidance or encouragement. After my baby was born, I received useful tips in the postpartum period to help with breastfeeding challenges and sleep. Again, I felt uplifted and well-supported; I knew I could be honest with my difficulties in the postpartum period without any judgement from Caroline or the other midwives. Her knowledge and compassion was unmatched and I am so grateful to have had her on my birth team!” – Manon B.

“Working with Caroline during my pregnancy was sheer magic! Her fun, humble demeanor combined with her knowledge and willingness to create meaningful connection provided the collaborative experience we wanted. My partner and I lived in different states for the majority of my pregnancy and Caroline cultivated stellar relationships with each of us; in-person and via FaceTime. We were dedicated to birthing with as little intervention as possible, and Caroline’s care supported our vision authentically from start to finish. We made some decisions that deviated from the norm and, in some cases, opposed recommendations. Caroline approached these situations openly, and without judgment. She researched along with us to ensure that we had the best possible information.
We recommend Caroline to anyone hoping for a joyful, unique, and respectful pregnancy and birthing experience.” – Kenzie T.