with Midwife Ashley

Childbirth Education Classes with Midwife Ashley

Birth is one of the most important and memorable events that you will have in your life, and we want to do everything we can to help your birth be a positive experience. Knowledge is power and studies show you are more likely to have a positive birth experience if you have learned about the birth process through Childbirth Education Classes.

Our quality childbirth education classes promote confidence in the birth process, ensuring you feel empowered as you ask questions and make the best decisions for your family. They also create opportunities for social support, building community, and time set aside for you and your partner to focus on your upcoming birth. It is important to consider that this is likely the first birth that you and/or your partner have attended. Your partner will be better prepared to support you if they have some exposure beforehand.

Our classes go beyond surface level discussions and include elements of informed decision making, providing information on the stages of labor, pain relief options, emotional issues, feeding your baby, and after birth preparation. 

Our group childbirth education classes are offered at Northshore Midwives’ office in Woodinville and private classes are offered in your home. 

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