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Birth Centers

Families have different reasons for choosing the best place to birth their babies. We want families to choose the place where they will feel most comfortable and the safest. For some families this is at home and for others this is at a birth center.  

Northshore Midwives have strong working relationships with local birth center owners and the midwives in our community. Because of these relationships and our outstanding reputation, Northshore Midwives is the only local practice who can offer families the option of birthing at home or at three local birth centers.

When families come to Northshore Midwives, they have as much time as needed to decide if they want a home birth or a birth center birth and which birth center will be the best fit for them.

Each birth center has their own unique style and special features.

Puget Sound Birth Center in Kirkland – conveniently located near Evergreen Hospital. Puget Sound Birth Center features three large, beautiful birthing suites furnished to create a comfortable, easy space to labor and welcome your baby.

Cascade Birth Center in Everett – conveniently located near Providence Hospital. Cascade Birth Center provides a warm, home-like environment for you and your family. Cascade Birth Center is committed to helping you bring your baby into the world in a comfortable, loving atmosphere.

Eastside Birth Center in Bellevue – conveniently located near Overlake Hospital. Eastside Birth Center labor and birth suites are private, luxurious, comfortable and peaceful. The space is furnished for the comfort of the family with a queen-sized bed, armchairs, private bath and a large, two-person tub.